The importance of maintenance

In terms of electronics, electricity, mechanics and technology, if the equipment is not well maintained or not well maintained, Its service life will be shortened considerably. To increase the useful life of air conditioning units, it is important to ensure preventive maintenance at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of autumn, this covers the basic cleaning and revision of main components to guarantee good functionality during the summer and winter.

It is very important to carry out regular maintenance and inspections on air conditioning equipment, in this way we can obtain better performance from each unit while predicting possible anomalies in the equipment.


The benefits of maintaining air conditioners well are many.

They guarantee both economic and energy savings, because through good preventive and corrective maintenance possible failures can be avoided and more energy consumption can be saved.

The benefits are noted in:

Increases the useful life of the equipment.
Thanks to good maintenance, the useful life of the air conditioner and its components is prolonged, failures and high repair costs are avoided, which ensures the proper functioning of the unit for a number of years higher than the average.


Better hygiene and health.
Through good maintenance we can say goodbye to the production of unpleasant smells, sounds, fungi and bacterial pests, which will directly affect our health.

Energy saving.
Through regular maintenance, we can ensure optimal operation, thus ensuring the normal consumption of electrical energy for which your unit is designed. Otherwise, due to the additional effort that the components have to make to comply with the temperature we are asking for, the consumption and energy expenditure increases exponentially.


Reduce the cost.
By controlling energy consumption, and with the proper functioning of the components of the unit, high energy consumption is eliminated. Although we think we spend more money on maintenance, the reality is that we reduce our expenses by avoiding future problems.

Some of the most important maintenance tasks focus on:


    • It is essential to clean the filter at least once every 3 months because this guarantees better air quality.

    • Temperature control, so that the difference between the air conditioning on the street and our house or office is not too great, with this we avoid that the compressor works more than normal, which is the component that consumes the most energy.

    • Not having doors or windows open, allowing cold air to escape from the area controlled by your air conditioner.

    • Sterilize the evaporator and avoid strange odors during ventilation.

    • External maintenance of the equipment, cleaning the dust and dirt from the equipment.

The maintenance of air conditioners is one of the most important aspects which can protect our home or office from the growth of fungi and bacteria that affect our health. Having a good air conditioning repair and maintenance company is essential to get the job done right.

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